Classes / Timetable

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We offer many classes here at Rock the Block Dance. All our classes are fun, enjoyable and full of great dancing experiences. As we are very fond of our students learning to their fullest potential, we are also very fond of our students having an absolutely unforgettable learning experience after every class.


At Rock the Block Dance, we follow the Glenn Wood Tap Syllabus. This syllabus is a new, hip, relaxed and fresh feel to tap where children learn the essential footwork that will increase their ability to tap to their fullest potential. Tap exams are available, however not compulsory. In 2009, 16 of our students participated in their tap exams and gained outstanding results.


The foundation for all dancing, ballet incorporates the absolute fundamental requirements that is suited to build the correct techniques and skills as a dancer. This class is very disciplined and taught by the RAD Ballet syllabus. Again exams are available but not compulsory.


Taught by Miss Kirralee, Contemporary is based on the technical side of ballet and jazz which incorporates different interpretations of versatile and creative movements.


Technique is the foundation for all modern jazz dance movement and commonly uses ballet technique. The body’s center is the focal point from which all movement proceeds from, thus making it possible to maintain balance while executing powerful movements such as turns, kicks and leaps.

Hip Hop

Evolved in New York, Hip Hop is quickly becoming the most popular dance style to date. The basis of this style is Popping, Locking, and Breaking and is danced to the latest R’n’B and Rap music. Children are able to let loose,
get low and experience a total different style of dance that allows you to be yourself.

Musical Theatre

This class introduces students into drama, acting and singing like they would in a musical. Students learn to express themselves through various drama games which contributes to their dramatic performances in the musicals. This class is good to boost confidence as we allow the students to communicate messages in many different ways through acting, singing and dancing. We mainly use the style of Jazz dance in this class. You could see your child in a Broadway musical.


As the principal at Rock the Block Dance has extensive knowledge of NRL style cheerleading, that is our focus. We incorporate stretches and techniques in class that train our students to be a well rounded performer in this genre. Our dance style is jazz and commercial style jazz with kick lines, leg mounts and basic stunts that are used in our routines. The students also get to use pom poms too! Our Cheerleaders also have the opportunity to dance at NRL games as well as being the official cheerleaders of the Sydney Roosters NRL Club.


Lyrical is a style of dance similar in technique to contemporary with a strong focus on performance and showing an emotive response through movement. The dances are choreographed in close correlation to the music and lyrics, telling a story as the dance progresses.


This class is for those students who want to learn plenty of new tumbling tricks such as cartwheels, backward walk overs, front walk overs, backflip, berani’s and a whole lot more!

Stretch and Technique

Our stretch and technique class is a mixture of stretch, strength and conditioning which creates a foundation for the technique we apply to our dancing. Our students are trained by our highly trained staff to build the best foundations that create our strong dance ability. While adding flexibility to their dance technique, this ensures our students gain the best possible dance training

Strength and Conditioning

Strength and conditioning is a new class we are introducing in 2015. The dance world is rapidly progressing in athleticism, technique, and artistry. This class will focus on strength, flexibility, and balance. The class will require each student to bring their own yoga mat.


If you want to unleash your sassy side, Heels is the class for you. This class incorporates fun, sexy and feminine movements to music which includes Burlesque, top 40, slow jams and cabaret. Props such as fans, feather boas, hats , long gloves, canes and chairs are also included in some routines. A great class to promote self esteem and sassiness.

DanceFit – Adults Only

DanceFit by Shane’s Crew is suitable for all fitness levels and ages, DanceFit is the new fitness craze to take over. This high energy workout features a mix of different dance styles, aerobic and cardio fitness, all mixed into one class set with the latest upbeat and mixed music. It’s such a great, exciting class, no matter your ability you take it at your own speed and will smile no matter what the class throws at you. Come and give it a try, you have nothing to lose!