• Tiny Tots

Fairy Ballet

Our fun fairy ballet class caters to children who are between the ages of 3-5 years old. During our ballet class, the children are taught the basic fundamentals and foundations that will give them an easy transition into the RAD syllabus once they move into the pre-primary age group.

Fairy ballet allows the children to have lots of fun while learning. The fundamental skills the students will develop include; coordination, ability to communicate and express themselves through movement, awareness of the ways their bodies move, the space in which they move and the timing and quality of their movements. We also provide fairy wings and a wand for our students in this class.

Move and Groove Jazz

Our move an groove class is based on the Jazz dance style. This is our more upbeat and musically active class. We teach the children fundamental  jazz technique where they learn how to sequence dance steps that they can put together to perform a whole routine. Our class is engaging and helps build children’s self-confidence through the use of music and movement.

Tiny Tumblers

Tiny Tumblers is for our tiny tots ages 3-5 years old who would like an introduction into the circus arts. This is a fun class that will involve basic acro like forward rolls, bunny hops, balancing, juggling and mini circuits

Want your Tiny Tot to join?

We're always happy to see new young dancers in our studio. For more information please contact us.

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